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Mobile cranes
TADANO mobile cranes
Bulgarcom is an official representative of TADANO for Bulgaria.
TADANO is one of the leading European manufacturers of mobile cranes and special vehicles for the communal economy and army because the machines are well-know for their
The company offers the whole range of all terrain mobile cranes with max. loading capacity from 40 t to 400 t, produced under the world-know brand TADANO, and also used mobile cranes that are technically checked at the TADANO factory in Germany.

Тadano ATF 40G-2


ATF 40G-2

Тadano ATF 50G-3


ATF 50G-3

Тadano ATF 90G-4


ATF 90G-4

Тadano ATF 65G-4

ATF 70G-4

Тadano ATF 130G-5



 ATF 130G-5

Тadano ATF 110G-5


ATF 110G-5

Тadano ATF 220G-5


ATF 220G-5

Тadano ATF 180G-5



ATF 180G-5

Тadano ATF 400G-6



ATF 400G-6