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Фасадно скеле Quick assembly scaffolding MJ UNI 70 with hot-dipped galvanized steel frames and timber decks with galvanized steel fittings.UNI 70 is compatible with system SL 70/100 by Plettac. Mixing certification has been obtained from the building inspectorate for this purpose. The key features of the system are the round bolt connection and the tilt pins.

The individual scaffold fields are connected by decks which are placed on the round bolts of the vertical frames so that the system can be erected in next-to-no time. In addition, this practically rules out the risk of the decks slipping. This self-reinforcing function offers scaffolding engineers the greatest possible safety. The tilt pins at the vertical frames fasten guard rails and diagonals without needing any tools.
A wide range of accessories with coordinated functions gives the system the necessary flexibility for installing scaffolding at more complicated buildings with uneven ground, wall projections, bay windows, niches, widened or rounded scaffolding, together with other uneven features.
Our UNI 70 is available both in steel and in aluminium design.
Фасадно скеле