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Film-faced plywood
Film-faced plywood
Film-faced plywood with coating for matt, low-pore concrete surfaces. 13 layers of poplar with water-resistent coating on both sides with 120 g/m² phenolic resin, edges sealed all round. Film-faced plywood sheets for concrete surfaces with high quality  requirements, the sheeting can easily be worked on (sawing, nailing etc.).

Product advantages:
  • High-quality surface;
  • Water-resistant;
  • Steady geometricity of the sheets;
  • Easy handling;
  • Long terms use if properly preserved;
  • Work-force economy.

Length: 2500/2440 mm
Width: 1250/1220 mm
Thickness: 21 mm
Permissible thickness variation ± 0,5 mm

Instruction for use and storage:
  • Sheets should be kept on dry horizontally put beams;
  • Sheets should be used without harming their surface or sides;
  • After cutting and drilling the edges of the sheets should be covered with water-resistant paint;
  • Before use the sheets should be covered with release agent.

Examples of use:
Formwork for construction of floors, walls, columns, etc.