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H20 wooden beams
H20 wooden beams H20 wooden beams, produced in Germany from Klenk Holz AG and Hoerdener Holzwerk AG.

Large quatities of different H20 beam sizes in stock for rent and sale.
The H20 beams are manufactured from high-grade impregnated wood.
The H20 wooden beam produced by Klenk Holz AG is distinguished for its galvanized E-profile that reduces breaking and splitting in case of falling or dropping.

Technical features:
Height: 200 mm
Length: 2,50 (2,45) m; 2,65 m; 2,90 m; 3,30 m; 3,60 m; 3,90 m; 4,50 m; 4,90 m; 5,90 (6,00) m
Weight: 5,0 kg/lfm
Permitted bending moment: М = 5,0 kNm
Permitted shear force Q = 11,0 kN

Product advantages:
  • Long term of use and durability;
  • Easy to use, fast mounting and dismountingа;
  • Dimensional and formstability;
  • Protected ends with galvanized E-profiles;
  • Lower finishing costs.

Examples of use:
Formwork for construction of floors, walls, columns, etc.