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Tower cranes
Comansa LC2100 series
Кулокранове Comansa LC2100
LC 2100 series
The LC 2100 Series is formed by a family of tower cranes designed with all the advantages known and proved by LINDEN COMANSA's Flat-Top modular system. In addition this series incorporates innovations in the mechanisms of operation.

In the LC 2100 series there are six Flat-Top cranes with the denominations: 21 LC 170, 21 LC 210, 21 LC 290, 21 LC 400, 21 LC 550 and the most recent 21 LC 750. With 7 t of jib-end load, and 80 meters of jib length, the 21 LC 750 crane is the biggest of the Series. The 21 LC 750 tower crane has a maximum load of 48 t.

  • Modular concept in a wide range of cranes.
  • Folding cross base.
  • Fast, easy and safe erection with light elements.
  • Short Counter-jib.
  • Oscillation abosrber (optional).
  • Frequency-controlled drive systems from 37 to 110 kW.
  • New reeving system, with two trolleys.