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Farina Destil formwork

Модулна кофражна система DESTIL

DESTIL framed formwork is a new system for efficient concrete construction technology and is now available for sale.
DESTIL offers increased efficiency and reduces costs through the following:

MODULARITY: avaible in heights of 300 cm , 120 cm and on demand 330 cm and 270 cm. Wide range for every sizes of steel frame

STEEL: Highly resisting Steel, type S315MC Admissible load 70kN/m2 . Thickness: 2.25 mm Finishing technique: Hot Zinc-coat A strong and quick system for heavy duty

Кофраж за стени Destil

HIGH COMPATIBILITY with other formwork systems currently leader on the market

NEW CONCRETE FINISHES: thanks to an innovative steel profile, we have improved visible concrete surfaces. Destil Formwork for Works of Art

LONG LIFE: Frames and profiles are hot deep galvanised both inside and outside

LOW DENSITY OF TIE RODS: you need only 2 tie rods for concreting heights up to 330 cm panel

Кофраж за стени Destil

LARGE-AREA CRANE OPERATION: versatile, quickly assembled and movable in large units. Destil is used on both small and large construction sites

HIGH-QUALITY PLYWOOD: finn quality-plywood or a plastic-coated plywood that lives 3 times longer

CONNECTIONS: singular geometry of steel profile allows the connection of different steel frame modules in any position by Quick-acting clamp and Multi-function clamp

CORNERS AND CIRCULAR WALLS: all corners, articulated corners and panels for circular walls or columns are avaible

ACCESSORIES: full range and interchangeability of all accessories

SPEED: Fast system for Walls, Columns and Slabs. Rapid planting, removing and moving on-site of formwork. The construction time is reduced by 25% compared to conventional methods.

REUTILIZATION: High number of possible reutilization (over 300)

This steel frame system allows the construction of the following:
  • Vertical formworks;
  • Horizontal formworks;
  • Formworks supported by shoring system;
  • Climbing formworks suitable for towers and bridge piers;
  • Dam formworks;
  • Formworks suitable for construction of elevator shaft;
  • Single-sided wall formworks;
  • Tunnel formwork.

Assembling manual