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Alumecano drop-heads formwork
Alumecano drop-heads formwork
Recoverable formwork system with drop-heads for fast implementation of flat floors.
Alumecano uses only 3 basic elements - support girder, girder and drop-head. The system is consists of light elements, allows quick and easy assembly, efficient and compatible with 21 mm shuttering panels (film-faced plywood or 3-S shuttering boards).
Alumecano drop-heads formwork Quick and easy assembly ...

  • Consists of 3 basic elements
  • The semi-rigid joints and guided positions of the girders and support girders provide speed during assembly
  • About 50% less weight than that of other analogue systems
Alumecano drop-heads formwork Resistant ...

  • The structural elements are manufactured from high strength steel and designed to support demanding worksite conditions
  • Drop-head is manufactured from structural aluminium alloy, making it both lightweight and resistant
Alumecano drop-heads formwork Safe ...

  • Alumecano system allows use of 21 mm shuttering panels (film-faced plywood or 3-S shuttering boards)
  • The drop-heads are with embedded wood that facilitates nailing and un-nailing and rubber chocks to buffer falls during formwork removal
Alumecano drop-heads formworkCost-effective ...

  • Three days after pouring concrete the 80% of the components can be recovered
  • Only 1 set shuttering boards is used for all the floors
  • Only 10% from the Alumecano basic elements and up to 20% from the telescopic props remain shoring the system until 21 or 28 days