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About us
Bulgarcom Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the construction sector of Bulgaria that participates with equipment deliveries and services in the major regional and national projects in the country. Bulgarcom Ltd., together with its daughter companies Bulgarcom Rental Ltd., Bulgarcom Kranova Technika Ltd., Bulgarcom Fasadni Sistemi Ltd. and Bulgarcom Varna Ltd., offers for sale and rent a great variety of formwork systems, tower cranes, mobile cranes, facade scaffolding together with all the supporting services.
Bulgarcom Ltd. is an official representative of Linden Comansa in Bulgaria. The company supplies and offers for rent tower cranes corresponding to all the possible technical requirements of the toughest and most important jobsites. We have 86 tower cranes in our rental fleet with loading capacity up to 18 tons and jib lengths up to 74 meters, and specialized devices for their transportation.  Our company provides complete services including transport, erection, dismantling and renting of tower cranes (both with and without crane operator).
Comansa Crane
LC 500, LC 1000, LC 1100, LC 2100110 EC-B
Year of manufacture:  
2007 - 20082008
Jib length: 50 – 74 m
(according to the type)
55 m
Hook height:20 – 100+ m20 – 51 m
Lifting capacity:5000 – 18000 kg6000 kg     
Liebherr Crane
Self-erecting (counterweight on the base)
Year of manufacture:    
after 1990 
Jib length: 24 – 43 m (according to the type)

Hook height:20 – 32.7 m (according to the type
Lifting capacity:750 – 6000 kg     
Bulgarcom Ltd. is an official representative of Tadano Faun in Bulgaria and offers all the mobile cranes made by the German manufacturer at a very attractive price level. We are able to supply or rent to you any crane with higher characteristics which you could be interested in. Bulgarcom’s rental park includes 6 mobile cranes with lifting capacity from 40 t to 130 t and boom up to 82 m.
Manufacturer/ModelDriveMax. lifting capacity (kg)Boom (m)Year of manufacture
LIEBHERR LTM 113010 x 8 x 10130 00060 + 192007
TADANO FAUN ATF 110G-510 x 8 x 8110 00052 + 30 2007
LIEBHERR LTM 109510 x 8 x 895 00058 + 19 2006
FAUN ATF 65G-48 x 8 x 865 00044 + 16 2009
FAUN ATF 50G-36 x 6 x 650 00040 + 16 2008
FAUN RTF 406 x 6 x 640 00030 + 9 1993
At the moment Bulgarcom participates with cranes rental services at the projects of  power plants in Deven, Devin and Smolian, Danube Bridge 2 near Vidin, underground  metro station No. 9 in Sofia, shopping center Serdica Mall – Sofia etc.
Subway ConstructionDamn Construction    WTP Construction

From 2014 Bulgarcom Ltd. is an official representative of Alimak Hek Group in Bulgaria and offers all the products of the Swedish company - construction hoists, industrial elevators, transport platforms, material hoists and work platforms - new and renovated. Bulgarcom has a rental park of Alimak Hek maschines which offers for rent at the local market. 

Bulgarcom Ltd supplies and offers for rent formwork systems of a leading European manufacturers.
Bulgarcom’s rental park of formwork systems includes about 10 000 sq.m. of Doka Framax wall formwork, about 50 000 sq.m. of Dokaflex floor formwork, Layer and Doka D2 load-bearing towers, formwork for circular walls and columns etc. 
Floor FormworkSlab formwork: The Alumecano System (with dropheads) and the Dokaflex System (with Н20 wooden beams)
Wall FormworkWall formwork: The Doka Framax and the compatible Destil system
The wall formwork systems Doka Framax and Destil  offer efficient concrete construction technology. They are designed for walls, columns and slabs and they offer increased efficiency and reduce costs through the following:
Panel height: 330, 300, 270, 135 and 120 сm       
Panel width: 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 100, 120, 135 and 240 сm
Both formwork systems are compatible with each other. All the frames and profiles are hot deep galvanized both inside and outside, which provides their long life.
The innovative steel profile and the high-quality plywood leads to excellent concrete finishes. The singular geometry of steel profile allows the connection of different steel frame modules in any position by quick-acting clamps and multi-function clamps. The elements are versatile, quickly assembled and movable in large units, which allows their use on both small and large construction sites.
Maximum tolerable concrete pressure: 80 kN/m2.
Column FormworkColumn formwork: ALISPILAR system for columns with dimensions from 20х20 сm up to 60х110 сm
Panel height: 300, 140 and 80 сm
Panel width: 68, 50 and 10 сm
ALISPILAR panels are made from high resistance steel, coated in red polyester-based paint. The formwork surface is provided by 12 mm thick phenolic resin coated plywood. The wedge bolt and locking pin used for joining the panels together are built into the panels.
Maximum tolerable concrete pressure: 80 kN/m2.

Bulgarcom Ltd. participates at the projects of Danube Bridge 2 – Vidin, underground metro station No. 9 in Sofia, the power plant Deven, Mall Varna, Mall Galeria Varna, Varna Towers, Carrefour – Sofia, Mall Serdika Center – Sofia etc.
Galleria MallBTV Studio    Varna Towers
Bulgarcom Ltd. offers for rent about 50 000 sq.m. of facade scaffolding PLETTAC MJ 70 produced by MJ Geruest Ltd. – Germany. The company participates in the projects of Carrefour – Bourgas, the power plant in Stara Zagora, lots of administrative and office buildings in the country.
MJ Geruest    MJ Frame
Bulgarcom Ltd. offers a full pack of services as design, consulting, technical support in addition to the rented formwork and lifting equipment.
All the above mentioned products and services are being offered at a very competitive prices and the best conditions for short delivery terms.
If you are interested in our company’s services please send us your inquiry and the drawings of your project in  AUTOCAD DWG-format and inform us about the number of the desired pours and other special requirements in order to send you an offer.